Visa to Russia for citizens of Afghanistan

Published by Ilya Kaplin February 1, 2018

A citizen of Afghanistan before travelling to Russia must obtain a visa. He should submit an application and package of documents to the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan. The type of visa depends on the purpose and duration of the planned journey. The visa may permit a single, double or multiple entry to Russia. Below you can find information about the most common types of visas and ways to obtain them.

Tourist visa

Фото туристической визы в Россию

Get tourist visa
invitation for €19

For making trips to Russia for up to 30 days. This visa is obtained by citizens of Afghanistan on the basis of invitation from a Russian tour operator. Full package of documents for submission to the Consulate when applying for tourist visas includes:

  • Tourist invitation (must bear the confirmation number, passport details of the citizen of Afghanistan, travel dates, hotel accommodation in Russia, the name and address of the tour operator, and its reference number in the Uniform Register Tour Operators of Russia);
  • Hotel Booking in Russia
  • Passport and its copy
  • 3×4 photo
  • Form filled on the website

The Consulate has the right to request any additional documents during the processing of the visa application.  The consular fee is paid when you apply for a single tourist visa and estimates to $ 75 with standard processing during 4-20 business days.

Private visa

For visiting friends and relatives, who are the citizens of Russia.

You need this type of visa if you are planning a trip to visit freinds or relatives in Russia for a period of stay from 30 days to 3 months. This visa allows single or double entry.

When applying for a private visa, the applicant must pay the visa fee: $ 75 for a single entry visa the standard processing during 4-20 working days or 150$ for the expedited visa prepared within 1-3 business days.

Basic documents for applying for a private visa:

  • passport + copy
  • Application form filled online on the website
  • Photo 3×4
  • The invitation, officially issued by the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs or the appropriate Russian Federal Migration Service
  • guarantee letter from the inviting party

For the invitation letter and letter of guarantee, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who is inviting the Afghanistan national must apply to the FMS of the Russian Federation and submit the request, providing documents for housing, financial and economic guarantees and pay the state duty. The invitation is issued within one month.

As this process is quite lengthy and not all citizens are ready to take on all the troubles for preparing the the invitation for a foreign citizen to Russia, we recommend you instead to apply for a business visa.

Business visa

If you are planning to make business trips to Russia during the year, you should obtain a business visa. Such visa is issued for a period from 30 days to 1 year and provides for the possibility of single, double and multiple entry. A 1 year multiple entry business visa has a limit of stay in Russia though, which you should take into account. A foreign citizen has the right to stay no more than 90 days in each half of year period in Russia, after which he must leave the country and return to stay the remaining 90 days in the second half a year period.

Russian business visa photo

Get business visa
invitation for €35

The cost of the visa fee for a multiple-entry business visa: Of$ 180 for a standard processing of 4-20 days, 360$ for expedited processing of 1-3 days.

Main documents for applying for a business visa:

passport and its copy

  • Visa application form filled on the website
  • Photo 3×4
  • Invitation from a Russian company on the letterhead of the Federal migration service.
  • a letter of guarantee from the inviting party

Obtain an electronic business invitation eFMS

If you need to get a business visa to Russia for a period from 90 days to 1 year, we will be happy to assist you in providing your with the necessary business invitation and a letter of guarantee from our company. Business invitation on the form of FMS will be forwarded directly to the relevant consular department of Russia in the foreign country in which you plan to get your visa, while you will receive an encoded document on the letterhead of the Federal migration service, with which you will be able to apply at this Consulate for a visa.

Work visa

We will help you get
a Russian 3-year work visa

For legal employment on the territory of the Russian Federation the citizen of Afghanistan should contact the employer and obtain a work invitation from him, on the basis of which he will be able to get a work visa giving the right to carry out labor activity in Russia. A work visa can be issued for up to three years.

Main documents for applying for a work visa:

  •  passport and its copy
  •  Form filled on the website
  •  3×4 photo
  •  A work invitation
  •  A letter of guarantee
  •  A copy of the license of the host organization
  •  A copy of the employment contract
  •  A copy of work permit issued by the inviting organization

Useful contact:

Consular Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan

Address: Kabul, district 7, Ayub Khan MENA, street Dar-ul-Aman

Tel for visa issues: +9320 250 00 10 (15:00-18:30 Kabul time)

Email for visa issues: