Russian Visa Photo Requirements

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 8, 2017

Requirements for the photo for a Russian visa

The photos presented by foreign nationals while applying for a Russian visa have to meet the following requirements:

  1. The photo has to be presented in a single copy.
  2. The required size of the photo is 45mm x 35 mm. No frames or special corners.Требуемые размеры фотографии
  3. The characteristics of the photo:

– The distance between the pupils – 6 ± 3 mm;

– The distance between the eye line and the chin – 15 ± 2 mm;

– The light field between the head and the top edge of the photo – 6 ± 2 mm.

  1. The photo should be color
  2. The photo paper can be plain, glossy or opaque. The relief or raster structure are not allowed
  3. The background has to be white or light gray. Other colors are not allowed.
  4. A full-face only. The face has to be placed in the middle of the photo.
  5. Natural and neutral expression, with no smile or grin.
  6. The clothes have to be usual, appropriate and neat. You can’t take a picture of yourself wearing the outwear (jacket or coat), headdress (except for special cases) or topless. You can only wear a headdress on the photo if that is a requirement of the religion or the medicine.
  7. The face has to be lighted equally, no glares, shadows or contrasts. You can’t use special art effects while manipulating with the photo.
  8. The image has to coincide with the negative.
  9. No dominant color is allowed.
  10. The image should be clear, quality, with no scratches or other disadvantages.Образец фотографии
  11. You can only wear glasses on the photo if you wear them permanently. No sunglasses/dark glasses, no glimmer from the glass.
  12. The photo has to be taken no more than 6 months before the appliance.

Nowadays there is no need for photo studios. By meeting all the requirements, you can take a photo at home using your own devices.