Russian visa rejection

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 7, 2017

The appliance for a visa is a strictly formalized procedure so all the applicants have to obey the particular rules and recommendations. The violation of the order may lead to the denial of a Russian visa that means that this foreigner can’t enter Russia.


The possible rejections can be caused by the lack of the documents (from the applicant or the receiving party) or by the legal status of the applicant himself. However, you can fix document troubles but there is almost nothing you can do in the case of a strict prohibition to enter for a particular person.

Reasons for rejection

To get a permission to enter, the foreign national has to apply to a consular authority located in the country where he lives at the moment. When applying, he has to fill in the application form and provide the necessary package of documents.

As a rule, problems with documents are the most common reasons for a visa rejection. You can see them below:

  • Lack of documents
  • Invalid foreign passport (or passport with the absence of place for a visa)
  • Mismatch of the data in the application and in the invitation form (in particular, the purposes of a trip)
  • Mistakes made while arranging the invitation
  • The violation of the visa regime during the previous visits

Pay attention! Consular authorities don’t have to inform of the reasons of a rejection out of concern for national security (or other state concerns).

Typical mistakes

There are more chances that you will get a denial of visa while arranging a tourist or a business visa. You can be denied a tourist visa in the following cases:

  • Indication of the other purpose in your application form (for example, a private visit to relatives)
  • Dates mismatch (in the application and in the tourist voucher)
  • Absence of the documents confirming your financial insurance for the time of the visit
  • Violation of the visa regime during the previous visits (for example, ignoring of the mandatory registration)

If you fix these troubles you will obtain your visa in time. Our specialists can consult you about the best ways to eliminate any mistakes; you will get full assistance in your visa issuance.

You can obtain a denial of a business visa on the ground of the following reasons:

  • Mismatch between the name of the receiving organization in the invitation and the one in the application
  • Mismatch between the duration of the trip in the invitation and the one in the application
  • Discrepancy between the indicated purposes and the type of the visa (for example, attempt to seek for work using a business visa)
  • Absence of the properly issued invitation

Thus, most of the rejections are caused by mistakes while filling in the application or some drawback in the invitation.

How to fix

If a person obtains a rejection he has a right to apply to a consulate. It only makes sense if all the mistakes and drawbacks have been eliminated.

  • The invitation has been issued properly
  • The application has been brought into line with the invitation and other documents (purposes of the trip, duration, timing)

The most difficult issue is to eliminate drawbacks in an invitation because this is the document that determines the possibility of a visa appliance. In any cases, the most optimal way is to apply to specialists.

Our company is ready to help you to resolve any issue connected with visa rejections. We will provide you assistance in the issuance of required documents. Also, you can obtain an invitation by using our service. In order to get it, just call the phones indicated on the web or fill in the feedback form.