Transit visa to Russia

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 8, 2017

Sometimes foreign nationals planning to visit another country have to stay temporarily in the territory of the Russian Federation. If the purposes of the visit are net connected with tourism, business or education, a foreigner should issue a transit visa to Russia.

What is a transit visa?

Russian transit visa allows foreigners to cross the border of the RF legally, move by the indicated route and make short stops within the duration of the document. The ground for the issuance of this document is a proved right to enter the territory of the country, which is a final point of a trip.

Pay attention! A transit visa requires the presence of travel documents with the indication of the destination point located beyond Russia.

The issuance of a transit visa allows travelers not only to move freely in Russia but also to make short stops (for no longer than 3 days).

Documents for the issuance

The issuance of this type of visa falls within the jurisdiction of the consular authorities of the RF. The alternative way implies the appliance to the Russian Visa Centers located in many foreign countries.

Transit visa can be issued in presence of the following documents:

  • Filled application form for a transit visa
  • Valid foreign passport with opened visa to the country of destination (except for the cases of visa-free regime)
  • 3 photos per every traveler
  • Medical insurance (insurance contract) valid within the whole period of the transit
  • Travel documents confirming that the destination is located beyond Russia

Pay attention! The issuance of a transit permission doesn’t require a visa to the country of destination in the case a foreigner is a citizen of this country.

Order and duration of the issuance

Since a transit visa doesn’t require an invitation, the order of the issuance is quite simple. In order to do it, you have to fill in the application form and to apply to the consulate of the RF in the territory of a foreign country.

The document verification won’t bring any troubles if the travel document confirms dates of entry and departure as well as the right to cross the border of the country of destination.

The issuance of this type of visa has the following special features:

  • The route of a trip should coincide with the travel document
  • You can’t obtain a transit visa if your transport doesn’t do any stops in Russia (for example, a direct flight)
  • The short stop is allowed only in the place of a transport stop
  • Visa is not required if a foreign citizen doesn’t cross the Russian border during transition (for example, while boarding the connecting flight)

The duration of the issuance amounts from 1 to 10 days. If the presented documents confirm the transit route, the only ground for refuse can be a prohibition to enter Russia for the particular person.

In order to avoid troubles while filling out the application form for a transit visa, consult with our specialists.

Validity of a visa

The period of validity of a transit visa depends on the dates of your trip. If you present a travel document while applying for a visa, it won’t be hard to determine the duration of a visa because it will coincide with the dates from the travel document (taking into account the short stops).

If a foreign citizen travels through Russia by car, the validity will depend on the length of the route. The time is calculated at one day for each 500 km of the route. The final duration will be indicated in your transit visa.

Our specialists will offer you advice on any issues connected with a transit visa. All you need to do is to call the phones indicated on our web or fill in the feedback form. We will provide assistance with resolving of any controversial questions and choose the optimal way of the appliance for a visa.