Visa insurance

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 7, 2017

Almost any visa type requires a medical insurance. You have to provide an insurance document (or the insurance contract) valid within the whole territory of Russia.

What do you need an insurance for?

Medical insurance guarantees that in the case of the insured event (indicated in the document), a foreign national will get a proper service or an insurance coverage. You should issue the insurance document while collecting the documents for your visa.

What insurance do you need in order to obtain a visa? The choice depends on the purposes of your trip, duration of the visit and the set of services included in the insurance. Most of the countries establish minimum standards of the insurance services as a mandatory condition for the visa issuance.

  • Life and health insurance against occupational accidents
  • Property insurance (if the use of it is connected directly with the purposes of a trip)
  • Additional insurance (in the case of extreme recreation, sports events, etc.)
  • Industrial accident compensation insurance

Besides, citizens can arrange an additional insurance that is not required for a visa issuance. In practice, when applying a foreigner has to have an insurance with the minimum amount of the insurance coverage provided by law.

Pay attention! In order to be considered without objections in the consulate, the medical insurance has to extend to all the citizens planning a trip.

Medical insurance has to meet the following requirement:

  • Valid within the whole period of the trip
  • Valid within all the territory of the country/countries that a foreigner plans to visit

You can issue either an insurance for a single visit or the insurance for a multiple-entry visa (valid within the duration of a visa).

Where to arrange?

How to make an insurance if you have already chosen a country to visit? If you travel for tourist purposes, the employees of the tourist company can carry out the issuance. As a rule, the cost of the insurance has already been included in the cost of a tourist product.

In order to buy the insurance for a business/private visa, you have to apply to any insurance company providing these services. The arrangement includes the following steps:

  • Provide the minimum set of documents (some kinds of insurance may require a medical certificate)
  • Sign the insurance contract
  • Pay the insurance policy

Pay attention! The insurance contract becomes effective from the moment of the payment of an insurance policy. If you haven’t covered the price you can’t rely on your contract.

Most of the insurance companies offer you to obtain an insurance policy through the web. You need to provide the personal data of the insured people pay the policy and obtain a contract in a form of an electronic document. The electronic insurance has full legal power and can be used in the same way as a paper form.

In order to choose the optimal way of getting the insurance, apply to our specialists. We will consult you on insurance issues and tell you about the requirement in each of the particular cases. Also, we can help you to issue the required documents.

How long will it take?

The medical insurance can be issued even on the day of the appliance. You need to choose the type of your insurance, set of services and the amount of the insurance coverage. The online procedure is the same. You can obtain the electronic form within minutes after the payment.

Some kinds of insurance may require a medical certificate or a special medical examination. It is caused by the need to insure citizens obtaining a visa for a treatment or for a medical examination. This procedure can increase the duration of signing the contract so you need to take care of the insurance preliminarily.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the insurance depends on many issues:

  • The requirement of the minimum amount of the coverage
  • Type of the insurance and the period of its validity
  • Territory of validity
  • Set of services, types of medical organizations providing these services
  • Type of the rest of a tourist
  • Maximum amount of the insurance coverage

Most of the companies offer to use the online calculation in order to know the cost of the insurance. To do it, you need to indicate personal data of the travelers, purposes of a trip and the country where you plan to go.

For example, in order to enter the EU, you need to buy a Schengen visa insurance. The minimum coverage amounts no less than 30000 euros. The document has to be valid in the whole Schengen territory.

Pay attention! The medical insurance can be different even for the close countries. In order to know the cost of your insurance, call our specialists. We will help you to choose the optimal kind of an insurance policy.