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Russian Invitation Letter

For Tourist and Business Purpose

To obtain a business or tourist travel document to Russia, you need an invitation from an inviting party, a Russian company. .

You can order a travel document support service from a Russian company, which will also offer its services on business support in Russia.

When filling in the application form, specify the purpose of the visit - tourism or business. To submit documents to the Consulate, a copy of the invitation is sufficient.

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Nikita Shilenok
Fast and solved

I ordered an invitation and got it already after few minutes after payment. After that I provided documents in to Russian Embassy in Copenhagen and got a travel document. Thank you guys for your service! Now going to Russia got much easier.

January 18, 2017
Excellent service!

Always excellent and timely service. Me and my family found the web page very reliable and we had a great time in Russia.Thank you and wish you further success in doing your business!

January 24, 2017
Anatoliy Karpov
Russian Invitation Letter in 5 minutes

I used the services, received an invitation for a tourist invitation to my email. I printed it out, submitted documents to the Russian consulate and received a travel document to Russia. Everything works as it is written on the site! I am grateful for the consultation on filling out the application form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

January 18, 2017


Why do I need an invitation?

Приглашение для иностранца в Россию требуется каждый раз при подаче в российское консульство заявления на получение визы в Россию. Приглашение в Россию всегда необходимо, если Вы подаете заявление на бизнес-визу или туристическую визу, частную, гостевую или рабочую визу. Отсутствие визового приглашения приводит к отказу в визе, даже если все остальные документы в порядке.

What is the difference between the tourist invitation and the business one?

A tourist invitation letter is ideal for a short-term visit to Russia for tourism, business negotiations and a visit to a private person. An invitation — is a unified confirmation, which can be accompanied by a tourist voucher indicating the program of stay. When filling in the application form, specify the purpose of the visit - tourism. To submit documents to the Consulate, a copy of the invitation is sufficient.

What is Russian invitation Letter?

It is an official document. The invitation letter contains information about entry and leave date, visa type and the allowed number of entries, as well as owner's passport data and the information about the host organization.

Do I need an Invitation Letter?

Citizens of most of the countries need a Russian visa invitation letter to enter the Russian Federation. There is a number of travel document free countries, please check the official governmental information source for your particular country.

How can I change the data in the submitted order for letter of invitation?

In case you have entered incorrect data, please notify us as soon as possible. The cost of changing the order data depends on the time passed since submitting the order, and the chosen type of invitation.

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