Business visa to Russia

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 7, 2017

Whether it is a management of big business projects, or negotiations, or signing a contract – all these actions are possible only in the case the businesspersons have a Russian visa. The issuance of this document requires special attention to details of the process.

What is a business visa to Russia

A business visa allows a person to enter Russia for the following purposes:

  • Some kind of business activity (business visit) – negotiations, management, etc.
  • Commercial goals such as signing an agreement, visiting business forums in order to seek new contracts, etc.
  • Maintenance of the software and special technique
  • As a member of a business crew
  • As a driver of a passenger/cargo transport for a business crew
  • As a member of businessman’s family

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Pay attention! The issuance of a business visa starts from the issuance of an invitation carried out by the receiving party. The correctness of this document determines the possibility to obtain a visa successfully.

Invitation for a Russian Business visa

The issuance of a business visa depends on actions of both the receiving party and a foreign national. The first interest of the receiving party is to issue an invitation.

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You can download a template of a business invitation to Russia on our web. The form will be issued by the local migration authorities. In order to issue this paper, you have to provide the following documents:

  • Request for an invitational form
  • Description of purposes and durations of stay in Russia
  • Letter of guarantee from the receiving party that confirms that the foreigner will be provided with a place to stay in Russia as well as medical and financial insurance
  • Personal data and passport copies of both the receiving party and the foreign national
  • Receipt confirming the payment of a state duty

An invitation for foreigners is issued within 20 days. The duration can be reduced in exceptional cases.

If you have any troubles with the issuance of the invitation, use our specialists’ help or fill in the form on the web. We will find the optimal way even in the most difficult situation so that you obtain a business visa by the deadline.

Necessary documents

When an invitation is issued it is sent to a foreigner in a form of a copy or original. Now he has a legal right to issue a business visa by applying to a consular department or to the Visa Center.

In order to apply, you have to provide the following set of documents:

  • Filled form of the visa application
  • Invitation from the receiving party in a form of a copy or original
  • Valid foreign passport
  • Medical insurance valid within the whole period of a trip
  • Color photos
  • Receipt confirming the payment of a consular fee/service fee

Pay attention! The purpose of a visit indicated in the application form has to coincide with the purpose indicated in the invitation. It is not allowed to indicate employment as a purpose if you have issued a business invitation.

The invitation can be sent to a foreigner in a form of a copy; most of the consular bodies do not require the original form. However, it’s better to have the original form in order to avoid unreasonable rejections.

The medical insurance has to satisfy the minimum standards in the duration and the amount of the coverage. Besides, it has to be valid in the whole territory of Russia.

The order of the issuance

When the documents are collected, a consular authority can start verification. The possible reasons for a rejection are:

  • Incorrect completion of the application, invitation and other documents
  • Lack of the required documents
  • Mismatch between the purposes on the invitation and in the application
  • Prohibition on entry for a particular foreigner
  • Violations during the previous trips

In the case of a denial, a foreign national has a right to fix troubles and apply to a consulate again.

Pay attention! Since a consulate doesn’t have to explain the reasons for rejection, you can have the same troubles while re-applying. In order to avoid it, use the help of our specialists.

The visa application is considered within 10 days. As an exception, it can be done within 1 day (if you have paid a higher consular fee).

Validity of a Russian business visa

Business trips allow you to issue either long-term or a short-term visa. The maximum duration of a long-term visa can’t exceed one year, however, in this case, a businessman can’t stay in Russia for more than 90 days in each of half a year.

If you need to prolong your visa, you have to go through the whole procedure again including the issuance of an invitation. A foreign national has a duty to register in each location of stay during his visit to Russia. The registration is carried out by the migration authorities of the MIA or by the hotel where a foreigner stays.

The violation of the registration order can lead to administrative liability and even to the deportation. In addition, this fact will be considered in the case of re-applying.

If you need to obtain a business visa, use the assistance of our specialists. We will help you on every stage of the procedure including the issuance of an invitation.