Russian visa for citizens of Canada

Published by Natalia Goncharenko July 16, 2017

Since the visa-free regime hasn’t yet established between Russia and Canada, you need to obtain a permit to enter in any Russian consulate in the territory of Canada. Russian visa for Canadian allows planning visit for different purposes such as tourism, business management, education or meeting with relatives.

In the material presented below, you will find all the information about visa insurance for Canadian and necessary expenses.

Russian visa for citizens of Canada

Canadian nationals need Russian visa in any situation except for 72-hours tourist program. Visa is a permission document confirming your right to cross borders of the Russian Federation for particular purposes.

Migration legislation implies the following trip purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Visiting of the Russian relatives
  • Participation in educational programs
  • Employment in Russian organizations

Anyway, the visa issuance begins when you obtain an invitation and finishes with the visit to the consular authority for an issued visa. An invitation will be arranged by the receiving party, which is Russian organization or Russian citizen.

Ordinary document package, essential for Canadian who wants to get a Russian visa, includes:

  • Application (profile of the applicant)
  • Valid passport of the applicant
  • Color photos of the applicant
  • Medical insurance valid in the territory of the RF during the whole time of trip
  • Invitation from the Russian party (with indication of purposes)
  • Receipt confirming the fact of payment of the consular fee

Each time when re-applying (prolonging) for a visa, you need to provide the same document set.

How much does the Russian visa cost for Canadian? As well as citizens of the USA, Canadian nationals have to pay the enlarged consular fee:

  • Fast processing single entry will cost 180 US dollars; multiple entry – 540 US dollars
  • Standard processing single entry – 90 US dollars, multiple entry – 270 US dollars

The visa price can be higher if you apply through the Visa Center. In this case, you will also have to pay a service fee.

Russian tourist visa for Canadian citizens

Tourist visa for Canadian is one of the most popular visa types. Among possible tourist purposes foreigners can realize:

  • Business tourism
  • Traveling in a tour group
  • Traveling by a personal car
  • Tourist hunting

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The receiving party is usually the tour company providing you with tourist services. The necessary detail is the presence of the tourist contract with a particular company.

Tourist visas are issued for a period up to 30 days depending on confirming documents about purposes and the alleged route. The legal ground for the visa request is a tourist invitation.

Arrangement of the tourist invitation to Russia for Canadian nationals

Visa documents won’t be considered in case the package doesn’t include a tourist invitation from the Russian party. This document consists of the voucher and the confirmation proving the fact of using tourist services and having a residence in Russia for a period of stay.

The issuance of the tourist invitation falls on the tour company when you purchase a tour voucher. If you don’t use tourist companies’ services, there are several special organizations which might help you to get an invitation.

Our company will comply with your request within hours (usual right in the day of the appliance). In order to get our help, fill in the feedback form on our web or use services of our experienced consultants. We will clarify duration of your trip and alleged route and send an invitation in a form of a copy or original

Russian private visa for Canadian nationals

Sometimes you need a Russian visa to visit your relatives. In order to get it, you have to confirm that you really related with Russian citizens while applying for an invitation.

Private visa is issued for up to 90 days as a one-time document or a multiple-entry visa. After entering the territory of the Russian Federation, the foreigner must follow the orders of the visa regime such as registration in living residence or in local authorities of the MIA as well as in every point of location where he stays long enough.

Arrangement of the private invitation to Russia for Canadian citizens

To get a private invitation, the receiving party needs to apply to the migration service of the MIA. When applying, present these documents:

  • Request for an invitation
  • Copies of the passports both Russian and Irish parties
  • Description of the alleged route (no more than 5 points of stay)
  • Obligation to provide the foreigner with a residence as well as medical and material help
  • Obligation to pay administrative fees in case of deportation (if foreigner do not obey the rules of staying in Russia)

After document verification, the AFMS will issue an official form of the invitation that should be sent to the foreigner.

The visa legal regime requires foreigner’s registration after coming to Russia. It can be held by the MIA authorities or by the hotel where the Irish national stays. The violation of this rule may lead to the obligation to pay the fine and even to foreigner’s deportation.

Russian business visa for Canadian nationals

What visa do you need in cases of one-time business visit or permanent entrepreneurial activity in Russia? This means that you need a business visa, which can be issued for a period up to one year.

Legal visa regime assumes that you have no right to stay in Russia longer than for 90 days in half a year. Obeying this rule guarantees the following visa prolongation.

In order to open a business visa for Canadian, you need to obtain a business invitation from your Russian partners. Its issuance has the peculiarities and can be arranged by different ways.

Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Canadian nationals in a form of a letter

If you plan a long-term partnership with a Russian company we recommend the issuance of an invitation in this company’s own form. It can be real in the case of pre-accreditation of the Russian company in the MFA of the Russian Federation.

In this case, a visa will be issued within a couple of hours and there is no need to apply to the AFMS. If you need to get an invitation as soon as possible apply to our specialists so that you can obtain a visa in time.


Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Canadian nationals in the form of the AFMS

In standard situations, the business invitation can be issued in the form of the AFMS. To achieve it the Russian company should apply to local migration body of the MIA and provide the ordinary package of documents.

The business invitation will be issued in the official form of the AFMS and sent to a foreign partner in the form of a copy or in the original copy. For doing this again or for prolongation of existing visa you have to get a business invitation once more.

Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Canadian nationals by Telex

There is one another option of getting an invitation that implies acting through the MFA authorities. In this case, you’re making a visa on the basis of an invitation coming by special diplomatic channel – Telex.

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The document goes directly to the consulate or embassy that’s why the businessman just needs to apply for a visa. This method is one of the most time-consuming so you need to arrange it in advance.

If you need to organize a business trip for your Canadian partner (including long-term trips), apply to our specialists. We will choose the most effective way of getting an invitation and provide you with prepared document right in the day of the appliance.

Russian work visa for Canadian citizens

The most time-consuming type of visa is a work type. In this case, all the formalities lie on the Russian party presented by the employer. The duration of visa can amount one year but Canadian nationals have a right to prolong it by re-applying to the consular authorities.

Arrangement of the work invitation to Russia for Canadian citizens

In order to get a work invitation Russian company needs to:

  • Arrange a quota for invitation of Canadian external specialist
  • Notify the local employment agency that the company hires a foreigner
  • Register in the AFMS as the organization inviting external specialists
  • Get work permission for a foreigner (plastic migration card)
  • Get work invitation finally

Only after all these formalities, a Russian organization can send Canadian national an invitation on the official form.

After signing an employment contract you need to observe the legal regime of stay in Russia. In addition to the standard registration rule, the employer has to notify the Migration Service about the contract signed.

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For further prolongation, an external worker has to abandon Russia and re-apply to the consulate in Canada.

Our company can take over all the formalities connected with work invitation. Just fill out the feedback form on our web and indicate the basic data about invited employee.


Russian Consulates in Canada

In order to obtain a visa, you need to apply to one of the existing consulates. The structure includes:

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada

Address: 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 L 5, Canada
Phone number: (8-10-1-613) 235-43-41, 236-14-13.
Fax: (8-10-1-613) 236-63-42.

Consular Department of the Embassy

Address: 52 Range Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 J 5, Canada
Phone number: (8-10-1-613) 236-72-20, 236-62-15, 236-09-20.
Fax: (8-10-1-613) 238-61-58.
Reception hours: From Monday till Friday, 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Consulate General of the RF in Montreal

Address: 3655, Avenue du Musée, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3G 2E1
Phone number: (8-10-1-514) 843-59-01, 842-53-43.
Fax: (8-10-1-514) 842-20-12.
Reception hours: From Monday till Friday, 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Toronto

Address: 175 Bloor Street East, South Tower, Suite 801, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3R8.
Phone number: (8-10-1-416) 962-99-11.
Fax: (8-10-1-416) 962-66-11.
Web: www.toronto.kd
Reception hours: From Monday till Friday, 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.