Registration in Russia for foreign citizens

Published by Stanislav August 7, 2017

After the issuance of a visa, the mandatory condition is to follow the regime of stay, which means to get registered in Russia. Disregard of this rule is considered as a violation of the visa regime and leads to serious consequences up to the deportation from the country.


The registration is mandatory for all foreign citizens planning to stay in Russia over 7 working days. The exceptions can be connected ith the special legal status of the arriving foreigner (those holding a Russian residence permit do not need to undergo this procedure). Also, there is no need to register if you come to Russia by a transit visa or by a 72-hours tourist program.

Pay attention! The registration has to be observed by the visa holder himself/herself. In some cases, these authorities can be delegated to other people (for example, to employers in the case of hiring the foreigner by a Russian company).

How to get registered? What do you need it for?

Registration is made in order to notify the migration authorities of your movements on the territory of Russia. Therefore, the authorized state body carry out this procedure (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia department of migration control).

Pay attention! Some categories of foreign citizens have to obtain the accreditation in addition to registration. For example, mass media workers have to be accredited by the Information and Press Department of the MIA of the RF.

The registration for a tourist can be carried out by the hotel where a tourist stays. In order to register, you have to provide to the hotel administartor the following documents:

  • Valid visa copy
  • Passport copy for every person needed to be registered

The issuance of the document normally takes 1-2 days. The employees of a hotel get the document from the foreigner and obtain the verified registration certificate.

The registration data is entered into the united federal database of a migration authority of the MIA. The violation of the registration can be established on the ground of this database.

Pay attention! If a foreign national changes his location during his visit to Russia (for example, traveling from one city to another), he/she has to reregister in every place of stay where he/she stays for more than 3 days.

The registration has validity dates. For holders of short-term visas it’s for the whole time of stay in Russia (normally corresponds to the visa validity). For holders of long-term visas the validity will be extended by a new stamp in the registration slip. They should make sure to extend it at least 3 business days before its expiration.

In the case of employment, the employer has an additional obligation to register the each employment contract in the migration services of the MIA. Meanwhile, the duration of the contract can’t exceed the duration of a work visa.

The violation of the registration order

If a foreign national violated the registration rule, he would be charged by the administration legislation and deported from Russia. The responsibility is applied to any person with any type of visa. The migration authorities of the MIA control these cases.

Since the violation may lead to a denial when reapplying for a visa, it is necessary to obey the rules. If you have any additional questions qith regards to registration rules, feel free to contact our team for a free consultation.