Visa to Russia for citizens of Iraq

Published by Ilya Kaplin February 13, 2018

Before the trip to Russia citizens of Iraq must receive a Russian visa by submitting the required documents to the Russian Consulate in Baghdad, Erbil or Basra. Depending on the length and purpose of travel visas vary from tourist, business, private to work, study, humanitarian or transit with single entry, double entry or multiple entry.

When submitting documents, a citizen of Iraq is charged by the Consulate for the processing of the visa. The Consulate starts the processing of visa after receiving all the necessary documents, in the stipulated way. The decision to issue a visa to a citizen of Iraq is taken in accordance with the established deadlines within 4-20 business days, or in case of expedited visa within 1-3 business days.

We suggest to have a look at the list of the most popular visa types, the procedure of visa application and the necessary documents in this article.

Tourist visa

Фото туристической визы в Россию

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It is issued to citizens of Iraq for a short tour trips to Russia for a period not exceeding 30 days. During the trip, foreign citizens have the opportunity to visit their friends or relatives and see the sights of Russian cities.

Please note that the Consulate is processing tourist visa applications within 28-30 business days after submission.

Consular fee for issuing a single entry tourist visa is: 70$ for standard processing, 140$ for an expedited processing.

For tourist visa you will need to provide:

  • Passport + its copy. Passport must be valid for 6 months from the opening date of the requested visa.
  • Visa application form from the website filled correctly without errors or ,arks
  • Recent photo 3.5 x 4.5
  • Tourist invitation (should be submitted in the original!).
  • Confirmation of paid reservation in a hotel
  • Paid return tickets to Russia
  • Permission to stay in Iraq ikama (for persons who are not citizens of Iraq)

Note: Iraqi citizens should pass an interview at the Consulate of the Russian Federation once they apply for a tourist visa , after which their request will be sent to Moscow and the decision about their visa will be taken.

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If you have decided to apply for a tourist visa, but don’t want to purchase a tour or plan to spend time with relatives or friends in Russia, we offer you to order from us a tourist invitation. Your invitation will be issued and verified by an official Russian tour operator, registered in the Uniform Register of the Tour Operators of the Russian Federation.

Private visa to Russia for citizens of Iraq

For guest visits in Russia to relatives and friends a private visa is issued with single or double entry for a period of stay up to 90 days.

The package of documents for obtaining a private visa at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Iraq includes:

  • Passport and its copy (the passport must contain at least 2 blank visa pages and be valid during 6 months from the date of visa opening)
  • Properly completed application form from the website including a photograph of the size 3.5.x4.5 cm
  • The original invitation issued by the migration service of the Russian Federation

To make a private invitation, the citizen of the Russian Federation should apply to the local FMS office and submit the documents on accommodation ownership, financial and economic guarantees, pay the state duty of 800 rubles and wait for the release of the invitation for about a month.

Not all citizens wish to make a private invitation to their Iraqi guests because it requires them to provide a variety of guarantees and is quite time consuming. Instead of private visa it is possible to apply for a tourist or business visa to make guest visits to Russia.

Business visa

Russian business visa photo

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Business visa is issued for trips with a single, double or multiple entry to Russia on business purposes. 1 year business visa for Iraqi citizen gives the right to continuously stay in Russia for up to 90 days out of 180 of each half a year. The visa fee for a multiple-entry business visa at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Iraq is 112$ with a standard processing time of 4-20 working days

To obtain a business visa the applicant must submit the following documents to the Russian Consulate in Iraq:

  • Passport + copy
  • Correctly completed and printed form from the website with a photograph of 3.5 x 4.5
  • Invitation on the form of the Migration service of the Russian Federation.

Obtain your business FMS invitation here

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Order your business invitation on our website if you need to make frequent trips to Russia during the year, or visit friends and acquaintances for a period of 90 days. The business invitation for you will be processed by the migration service of the Russian Federation on the official form and sent through the channel of the ministry of foreign affairs to the Consulate of the Russian Federation, and also personally to you in the form of electronic encoded document.

Work visa

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Work visa for Iraqi citizens is issued for 3 months with a single entry and subsequently extended on the territory of the Russian Federation on request of the employer.

You’ll need if you plan to get a job on the territory of the Russian Federation and to reside in the country continuously for a long time. . .

Main documents for applying for work visa:

  • Passport + copy
  • Fully completed visa application form from the website
  • Photograph attached to the visa form 3.5×4.5
  • Work invitation to the Russian Federation, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  • A certificate confirming that the foreign citizen is HIV negative (the test should be taken not earlier than 3 months prior to the applcation).

Useful contacts:

The Russian Embassy in Iraq


Baghdad, Iraq Hay al-Mutanabbi 605/5/4

Phone of the Consular Department: + 964 7 901105471


Consulate General of Russia in Erbil:


Iraq, Kurdish Autonomous region, Erbil,

Dasht Hauler, plot No. 1/5, Kelekin

The phones of the Consulate:

+964 750 1348674, +964 751 1213642,

+964 750 3754145


Consulate General in Basrah


The Republic of Iraq, Basrah, street of abi khasib, district Bradya, block 29, room 167/l.

Phones: +964 770 493 85 77, +964 770 493 85 66