How to Get a Tourist or Business Russian Visa in India?

Published by Natalia Goncharenko October 17, 2017

Before entering Russia, an Indian citizen must obtain a russian visa, in accordance with the purposes and dates of his journey. Using the services of the visa application center of the Russian Federation in India, IFS India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta), you can apply for a required visa.


Visa type Duration of stay Purpose of the trip The cost of your invitation
Tourism Up to 30 days Tourism, visits to family or friends, seminars, exhibitions, short-term events ~ 3800 INR
Business Up to 1 year Conducting business negotiations, meetings, long trips to relatives and friends, participating in conferences, searching for business partners, etc.
Private Up to 90 days Official invitation to relatives issued by Federal Migration Service of Russia

Difficult to obtain. We recommend tourist or business invitation instead.

~ 900 INR state duty

When submitting documents, it will be necessary to pay consular and service fees for the visa: 1300 INR + 1180 INR (single visa prepared within a period of 2-3 days)

If you are out of India at this time, you always have the opportunity to obtain a visa from the nearest Russian consulate in the country of your stay.

Russian Tourist Visa in India

Фото туристической визы в Россию

When planning a short-term visit to Russia for visiting attractions, meeting friends or relatives, participating in exhibitions, auctions and other events, an Indian citizen must obtain a tourist visa in advance. This visa is issued for up to 30 days of stay in Russia and can be single or double.

Get tourist visa
invitation for €19

Main documents for a russian tourist visa

  • Applicant’s Passport + copy
  • A form completed on the website of
  • A recent color photograph of 3.5 x 4.5 on a light background
  • Confirmation of the tourist invitation from the official tourist operator (copy of voucher).

Get a tourist invitation

Get tourist visa
invitation for €19

Order an official invitation by the Russian tourist operator from our company to travel to Russia for a short period of up to 30 days. Besides travel dates, details of the tour operator, and your Passport data, your invitation will contain the list of services included in your tour and the hotel of stay in Russia. If you have not yet determined the hotel to stay in the RF, or if you plan to live with friends or relatives, we will provide you with a reservation in the hotel of Russia for obtaining your Russian tourist visa. The invitation will be verified by the signature and seal of the tourist operator and sent to you electronically by email within 1 working day.

Russian Business Visa in India

Russian business visa photo

Citizens of India are issued a business visa for business trips to Russia to negotiate, search for business partners, participate in meetings, conferences, etc. for a period from 90 days to 1 year. A business visa may allow a single, double and multiple entry into Russia.

Main Documents for a Russian business visa:

  • Applicant’s Passport + copy of it
  • A form filled on the website
  • A recent color photograph of 3.5 x 4.5 on a light background
  • An invitation to enter Russia issued by the FMS.

Obtain the electronic business invitation eFMS:

According to the new regulations introduced in 2015, the Russian Federal Migration Service has introduced an electronic version of business invitations.

Russian Private Visa in India

A private visa is usually granted for visiting relatives in Russia for a period of up to 90 days. A private visa allows a single or double entry. Before requesting a visa from the Russian Visa Center in India, you are required to obtain an official invitation from your relatives in Russia, issued by the FMS of Russia.

Main documents for a russian private visa:

  • An invitation for entry issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service.
  • An request prepared by your relative
  • Your valid passport;

        Application form filled in on

  • Documents confirming your family Relationships
  • Color photograph on a light background 3.5 x 4.5.

To have FMS issue you the necessary private invitation, the inviting relatives should provide:

  • Income Statement
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Bank statement
  • Pay state duty of 800 rubles.

Since the issuance of a private visa is often a complicated and long-term process, we advise you to obtain a tourist or business visa instead. If you still have decided to obtain a private russian visa, you can do so by asking the inviting person to submit a requesr to the FMS organ of the RF at the address of his registration.

Addresses of visa centers and consulates of the Russian Federation in India

IFS India Visa Centre

New Deli

Address: 809-810, 8th Floor, Ashoka Estate, 24, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001, INDIA

Phone: + 91 11 237 62 555

E-mail: info@india-ifs


Address: Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg (Peddar Road) 31-A, Mumbai, 400 026, India

Phone: + 91 704 5360766



Address: Kascheri Estate, Alvarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India

Phone: + 91 44 49365500

Fax: + 91 704 5360766



Address: Elgin, Calcutta, West Bengal 700017

Phone: + 91 33 40522700 + 91 33 4007 6777

Fax:  + 91 704 5360766


Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in India

Address in New Delhi:

Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021, India

Phone: + 91 (11) 2611-0560

Email: Indconru @ gmail Com


Address in Chennai:

14, Santhome High Road, Chennai, 600004, India

Phone: + 91 (44) 24932-320, 24982-330


Site: www

Address in Mumbai:

42, Jagmohandas Marg (Nepean Sea Road) Mumbai, 400006, India

Phone: + 91 (22) 2363-3627, 2,363-3628



Address in Calcutta:

22A, Raja Santosh Road, Alipore, Calcutta, India 700027

Phone: + 91 (33) 2479-7006