Visa to Russia for citizens of South Korea

Published by Ilya Kaplin October 12, 2017

Under the conditions of entry for citizens of foreign States into the Russian Federation by diplomatic, official (official, special), civil passports of 04.2016, citizens of South Korea have the right to enter Russia without visa and stay on its territory up to 60 days.


Visa typeDuration of stayPurpose of the tripCost of Invitation
BusinessFrom 90 days to 3 yearsConducting business negotiations, meetings, long trips to relatives and friends, participation in conferences, looking for business partners, etc.A letter of invitation from organization: from 35 euro.

An invitation from FMS: from 65 euro.

Get your invitation

PrivateUp to 90 daysLong and complicated process we recommend to apply for business instead

Officially formed at federal migration service invitation to relatives and friends

State duty: 800 rubles

If you are planning a trip that exceeds 60 days, you must obtain a visa to Russia. On the territory of the Republic of Korea, you may apply at the official Visa Application Center of the Russian Federation VFS Global, or directly at a consular department of the Russian Embassy.

To apply for Russian visa, a citizen of South Korea is required to pay fees involving the consular fee 108.000 KRW (for a single visa) and a service fee 36.000 KRW.

In the case of applying for Express visa ( processed within 1-3 working days), the consular fee is 216.000 KRW.

Business Visa

Russian business visa photo

For business trips to Russia from 90 days to 1 year, you should obtain a business visa with single, double or multiple entry.

Get business visa
invitation for €35

The cost of consular fee for multiple business visa is 648.000 KRW.

Main documents for Business Visa:

  • Your valid passport
  • Application completed on the site
  • Two recent color photographs 3.5 x 4.5
  • An invitation on the official FMS form
  • Medical travel insurance valid on the territory of Russia

Obtain electronic business invitation eFMS

Since the end of 2015, the Russian Federal Migration Service has introduced a new form of business invitation send as an electronic document. We offer you to order your business electronic invitation from us. One copy of the official electronic encoded document on the FMS form will be sent to you, and the second copy will be sent electronically to the appropriate consular agency of Russia in South Korea, where you shall receive your visa.

Business letter of invitation from the Russian organization

Besides the FMS invitation, citizens of South Korea may obtain a business visa if they have an official letter of invitation from the Russian organization. The letter of invitation must be written on the company’s official form and provided in a copy or original.

Obtain a business letter of invitation

You can order your letter of invitation from us, if you need to make a business trip to Russia for a period from 90 days to 1 year. Please note that the main condition for obtaining a business visa with a letter of invitation is to have a previous Russian visa received no later than the last year. The invitation will be written on the official form of the Russian host organization and sent to you as a copy (if you are planning to stay in Russia for up to 90 days) or in original (if you are travelling for 1 year).

Private Visa

For private visits to relatives or friends in Russia, you can apply for a private visa. It allows to stay in Russia for up to 90 days, with the possibility of single or double entry.  Before applying for a private visa, you need to receive a FMS invitation issued by the Migration Service at the request of the inviting person.

Main documents for Private Visa:

  • An invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the relevant Russian Federal migration service. This invitation is issued on the basis of a request from: A citizen of the RF, a foreign citizen with a residence permit in Russia, a legal body.
  • Your valid foreign passport;
  • Application form completed on the site
  • Medical travel insurance policy valid in Russia

To provide you with a necessary private invitation the inviting party will have to present the following documents to the migration service:

Income Statement

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Bank Statement
  • Pay state duty 800 rubles

We want to warn you that the process of receiving a private visa is rather complex and long, so we advise you to apply for a business visa instead. If you still have decided to get a private invitation, you can do so by asking the person who invites you to contact the FMS organ of the RF at the address of his registration

Addresses of visa centers and consulates of the Russian Federation in South Korea

VFS Global Visa Center


5F Danam Building, 10 Sowol-Ro,

Jung-Gu, Seoul, South Korea


070 4044 0789



Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in South Korea


04516, Republic of Korea, Seoul, Jung-gu, 11-gil, Seosomun-Ro, 43

Phone: (02) 318-2134 (Russian/English)

(02) 752-0630 (Korean)