Russian Visa for citizens of China

Published by Natalia Goncharenko October 17, 2017

Before travelling to Russia, citizens of China must obtain a visa that corresponds to the objectives and dates of their journey. Documents for the Russian visa can be submitted at the Russian visa application centers of the on the territory of China in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.


Visa type Duration of stay Purpose of the trip Cost of invitation
Tourism Up to 30 days Tourism, visits to family and friends, seminars, exhibitions, short-term events Price of invitation 2990 Rubles.

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Business From 30 days to 1 year Conducting business negotiations, meetings, long trips to relatives and friends, participating in conferences, searching for business partners, etc.
Private Up to 90 days Long and difficult to obtain, we recommend business or tourist instead.

Officially issued by federal migration service invitation to relatives and friends

State duty 800 rubles

In this article, we will discuss the main types of visas, the required documents, prices, and processing times.

Tourist Visa to Russia from China

Фото туристической визы в Россию

You will need a tourist visa for a short trip of up to 30 days if you want to see Russia’s sights, visit your friends and family, participate in seminars, conferences, and other events. This type of visa is fairly simple and fast to obtain allows a single or double entry into Russia.

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invitation for €19

When applying for a tourist visa, Chinese citizen must pay the consular fee: 345 RMB.

If you apply at the visa application center, you also have to pay service fee: 240 RMB

Standard processing time: 10 working days

For express visa which is processed within 3 days the consular fee is 827 RMB.

Main documents for obtaining a tourist visa

  • Your valid passport and a copy of the front page

Form filled in on the site

  • One color photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Tourist invitation (original).
  • Ticket with confirmed dates of entry and departure from Russia

Obtain a tourist invitation

Get tourist visa
invitation for €19

Order a tourist invitation from us, and we’ll prepare it for you in one working day. The invitation will be issued by the official Russian tour operator and will contain the dates of your trip to Russia, your passport details and the hotel of your stay in Russia. If you don’t plan to book a hotel, or if you want to do it later, we’ll provide you with a reservation in one of the hotels in Russia for the period of your visa application process.

Russian Business Visa from China

Russian business visa photo

If the purpose of your visit to Russia is a business trip for negotiations or business transactions, you will need a business visa. It is issued for a period from 30 days to one year, with single, double or multiple entry. The consular fee for multiple business visa to Russia will be 1034 RMB.

Main Documents for Business Visa:

  • Your valid passport
  • Form completed on the site
  • Two recent color photographs 3.5 x 4.5
  • An invitation from the territorial authority of the FMS of Russia.

Obtain the electronic business invitation eFMS

With the introduction of the system of electronic invitations in 2015, the FMS process has become even simpler and more convenient.

Private Visa

For private guest visits to friends and relatives in Russia, you can apply for a private visa. With a private visa, you can stay in Russia for up to 90 days with a single or double entry.  Before submitting visa documents, you need to contact the inviting party in Russia and ask them to write a request at the local federal migration service office.

Main Documents for Private Visa:

  • An invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the relevant Russian Federal migration service. This invitation is granted on the basis of a request from: A citizen of the RF, a foreign citizen with a residence permit in Russia, a legal body.
  • Your valid passport and a copy of the main page

Form completed on the site

In order to make a private invitation, the inviting party must submit to the regional Authority of FMS:

Income statement

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Bank Statement
  • Pay state duty of 800 rubles

We want to warn you that the application for a private visa is a complex and long-term process, so we recommend a tourist or business visa instead. If you have decided to receive a private invitation, you can do so by asking the inviting person to submit a petition to the FMS office of the RF at the address of his registration.

Addresses of visa centers and consulates of Russia in China

Visa centres

  1. Beijing

Office M, Floor 10th, Business Center Oriental Kenzo, Dondzimenvaj 48, District of Dongcheng


Phone: 010-64669122


4th Floor, Mall Dzhiushi, str., Middle Sichuan, 213, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200002 China

Phone: 021-65965805



2nd Floor, Industrial Bank building, str. Ujenhua, 77, Heping region, Shenyang, 110004 China


Phone: 024-23988808


9th Floor, Goldsan Building, str. Tijujsi, Tjanhe District, Guangzhou, China, 510620


Phone: 020-38761241


Consulates of Russia in China

  1. Beijing

100600 BEIJING, str. Dongzhimen Beizhongjie, 4. Email:

Phone: (+86 10) 6532 1991, 6232 1267



200080, Shanghai, str. Huanpulu 20.


Phone: (+ 86 21) 6324 8383, (+ 86 21) 6324 2682


China, 110003, Liaoning Province, Shenyang, R-Mr. Heping, Nanshisanvjejlu str., bld. 31


Phone: (+ 86 24) 2322 3927


China 510623, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Mr Pearl Xincheng, Linczjan Dadao str., bld. 3, centre “Fachzhan Chzhunsin”, Office 26a


Phone: (+86 20) 8518 5001, (+86 20) 8518 5002

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Mr. Wanchai, Harbour Road str. 30, San Hung Kay, 21st Floor, apt. 2106-2123


Phone: (+852) 2877 7188, (+852) 2877 5024