Russian visa for citizens of Portugal

Published by Natalia Goncharenko July 16, 2017

Russia and Portugal don’t establish visa-free regime yet so citizens of both countries should get proper permission to cross other state’s borders.

Russian visa for Portuguese is issued by consular authorities of the Russian Federation. It allows implementing almost any travel goals.

With the help of the article below, you will know how to obtain Russian visa for Portuguese nationals and how much does it cost.

Russian visa for citizens of Portugal

Visa regime assumes that Portuguese national has to obey migration rules and the appropriate legislation of the RF as well as go through the mandatory procedure. The first step is to apply to one of the Russian consulates in the territory of Portugal.

This is the package of visa documents:

  • Profile where you need to indicate purposes of your trip and duration of stay in Russia
  • Colour photos
  • Medical insurance valid within the whole time of stay in Russia
  • Receipt confirming that you have paid the consular fees
  • Invitation issued by the receiving party
  • Passport of the citizen of Portugal

The profile should contain the information coinciding with the information in your invitation from the Russian party.

During the procedure consulate’s employees will check the presence/absence of the records of previous violations of the visa regime. If there is no ground for refuse, the citizen of Portugal will obtain a visa in established duration depending on the size of consular fees and special circumstances.

Visa cost is determined by consular and service fee carried out by the Visa Center. In order to know the amount of the fee, you can look for this information on the consular website or on our web. For Portuguese visa can cost:

  • Fast processing (48 hours) – 70 euro
  • Standard processing (10 days) – 35 euro

In the case of denial, fees are not the subject of return so you need to focus on filling documents in the right way observing all the instructions and recommendations.

The migration legislation of the RF offers foreign nationals different ways to issue a visa. The order and conditions of the appliance to the consulate will be almost the same for any visa type.

Before applying for a visa you need to define purposes of your trip alleged. Nowadays there are several goals that Portuguese national can achieve by visiting Russia:

  • Business (negotiations, signing contracts, creation of business structures in the territory of the RF)
  • Participation in Russian educational program (any level or degree)
  • Private visits to relatives
  • Employment in Russian companies
  • Different types of tourism

In order to finish Russian visa issuance, you need to confirm your trip purposes in the invitation form. Types of invitations that are issued by the receiving party match to the visa types.

Russian tourist visa for Portuguese nationals

In order to plan holidays in Russia or realize any other tourist goals, you have to get a tourist visa for Portuguese national. This document has the following characteristics:

  • Valid within 30 days
  • Purposes of a trip: traveling with a tour group, business tourism, tourist hunting, traveling independently
  • Visa types: single-entry or re-entry

To apply for a visa, Portuguese needs to obtain a tourist invitation issued by the receiving party.

Arrangement of the tourist invitation to Russia for Portuguese national

Tourist visa for Portuguese citizens will be arranged on the ground of a tourist invitation. In practice, this paper (consist of a voucher and a confirmation) is issued by the tour company.

Get tourist visa
invitation for €19

A voucher proves that you have a valid contract with a tour company; a confirmation demonstrates the fact of booking a hotel or another kind of residence for a foreigner. The invitation should contain personal data of the Portuguese citizen as well as timing and visit duration.

If you need to obtain a tourist invitation apply to our consultants for help. We will send you an invitation in a form of a copy in a couple of hours after the appliance (the original copy can be sent by Express Mail). This paper has to be provided to the consulate as a part of a common package.

Russian private visa for Portuguese citizens

Visa can be issued for such purpose as visiting relatives. That means that you have to confirm your relationship on every stage of the process of getting a visa.

A private visa is issued for a period up to 90 days; also you can re-apply for it. After crossing the Russian border, you have to obey the visa regime and usual rules of stay (such as the mandatory registration in a hotel or in the MIA services).

Arrangement of the private invitation to Russia for Portuguese citizens

In order to get an invitation, a Russian citizen (or some kind of special organization) has to apply to the local AFMS authority and provide the following documents:

  • Request on invitation for a foreign relative
  • Valid passports from both Russian and Portuguese sides
  • Confirmation of the relationship
  • Letter of guarantee proving a presence of a residence as well as medical and material insurance

In the attachment to the request, you need to provide the detailed route of your trip (no more than 5 localities per one visit) and indicate its duration. Also, Russian party has to arrange the obligation to pay all the expenses on deportation in the case of the violation of the visa regime.

Russian business visa for Portuguese nationals

For business contacts, it’s better to arrange a business visa that provides you with an opportunity to engage in the entrepreneurial activities in Russia. This permission can be issued in different forms: single-entry visa, re-entry visa or multiple-entry visa.

Duration of the permission can be up to one year; however, a foreigner has no right to stay in Russia for more than 90 days in half a year. Also, there is a demand to register every time a foreigner comes to Russia. The violation of this rule can lead to serious troubles right up to deportation and further denial in visa re-issuance.


Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Portuguese nationals in a form of a letter

You can open a business visa to Russia on the ground of a business invitation from a Russian company. The issuance can be undertaken by different ways; one of them is to send an invitation the company’s own form.

In order to have an opportunity to issue such kind of invitation, a Russian company has to be accredited in the MFA of the RF. This way is useful in the case of multiple and constant contacts with Russian partners.

Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Portuguese nationals in the form of the AFMS

Within the standard procedure, a business invitation can be issued on the official form of the AFMS. To do it, the Russian side has to apply to the local migration service and provide an ordinary document set.

Get business visa
invitation for €35

The business invitation will be issued in the form of the AFMS and sent to a foreign partner in a form of a copy or original. To re-apply for a visa, you need to obtain a new invitation.


Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Portuguese national by Telex

Portuguese can get a business visa to Russia presenting a business invitation received by the consular department by special Telex channel. In this case, the verification of documents will be carried out by the authorized RF MFA services.

The business invitation isn’t being delivered to the applicant. Instead of it, the invitation goes directly to particular RF consulate in Portugal. A businessman needs to provide full document package to consulate’s employees.

Our company will help you to issue an invitation by any of the methods above. In order to get our assistance, you need to fill in the feedback form on our web indicating foreigner’s personal data.

Russian work visa for Portuguese citizens

What type of visa do you need if you want to work in a Russian company? To do it lawfully, you have to obtain a Russian work visa.

This type implies that most of the formalities fall on the Russian employer who is to hire a Portuguese. The ground for the request to the consulate is a complex of two documents: work permission and work visa.

We will help you get
a Russian 3-year work visa

Work visa can be active for up to one year and prolonged by the usual rules. When re-applying to the Russian consulate, you have to provide a new invitation.

Arrangement of the work invitation to Russia for Portuguese nationals

The procedure of getting a work invitation consists of several important steps for the receiving party. The algorithm includes:

  • Request to the local authorities (in order to get quota for foreign specialists)
  • Notify to the local employment agency about hiring an external specialist
  • Registration in the AFMS as a company hiring an external specialist
  • Getting a work permission for a foreigner in the migration service of the AFMS
  • Appliance to the AFMS to issue a work invitation for a Portuguese national

Only if you go through it step-by-step, you can be sure that you will obtain an invitation and get a visa successfully. After the establishment of the employment relationship, the information about the hiring is sent to the same body of the AFMS.

If you need legal assistance while getting a visa for your foreign employee, apply to our consultants. We can resolve any of your troubles with documentation and further issuance. To learn more, fill in the feedback form or call the hotline.


Russian Consulates in Portugal

There is a Russian Embassy in Lisbon where you can go through the procedure of getting a visa. Look at the information below:

The Embassy of the Russian Federation In Portugal Republic

Address: Rua Visconde de Santarém, № 57, 1000-286 Lisbon
Phone number: (8-10-351-21) 846-24-24, 846-25-24, 846-24-23.
Fax: (8-10-351-21) 846-30-08.

Consular Department of the Embassy

Address: Av. das Descobertas, n.º 4, 1400-092 Lisbon
Phone number: (+351) 213-011-606 .
Fax: (+351) 213-011-625.
Reception hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.