Russian visa for citizens of Spain

Published by Natalia Goncharenko August 7, 2017

Russia and Spain do not establish visa-free regime by now so you can legally cross Russian borders if only you have an appropriate permission. Russian visa for citizens of Spain is issued as a result of a request to consular authorities, which allows realizing almost all trip goals.

In the presented review you will find all the information about Russian visa’s obtaining and its costs.

Russian visa for citizens of Spain

Visa regime assumes that Spain national has to obey migration rules and the appropriate legislation of the RF as well as go through the mandatory procedure. The first step is to apply to one of the Russian consulates in the territory of Spain.

This is the package of visa documents:

  • Profile where you need to indicate purposes of your trip and duration of stay in Russia
  • Colour photos
  • Medical insurance valid within the whole time of stay in Russia
  • Receipt confirming that you have paid the consular fees
  • Invitation issued by the receiving party
  • Passport of the citizen of Spain

While filling in the profile pay special attention to the date of the alleged visit, period of stay and declared purposes of your trip. All this data should coincide with the information in your invitation sent by the Russian party.

While checking your documents, employees of the consulate will examine if you have any records of violations of the visa regime. If there is no ground for refuse a citizen will obtain a visa within the time limit determined by the size of consular fees and other extra circumstances (for example you can get visa within one day in case of having a Russian relative with a serious disease).

Visa cost is determined by consular fees and service fees. The second one is extra expenses in case you are using services of the Visa center in order to apply for a permission to enter Russia.

You can find the information about visa cost on consulate’s web or on our web. For citizens of Spain it amounts:

  • In case of fast-track insurance (1-3 days) – 180 US dollars
  • In case of standard insurance (4-20 days) – 90 US dollars

If you get a refuse the money won’t return to you so you will need to pay again the full size of consular fees.

You need to confirm the purpose of your visit in the Russian consulate. Among different goals you can apply on following purposes:

  • Tourist trips
  • Employment in Russian companies
  • Business trips (contracts, negotiations, business management)
  • Private trips to relatives
  • Study in Russian educational institutions

In order to conclude the issuance, you need to confirm your purposes by providing the invitation from the Russian party. Visa types coincide with invitation types.

Russian tourist visa for citizens of Spain

To spend holidays in Russia or to go to this country with similar purposes you will need a tourist visa. Such form has its characteristics:

  • Valid up to 90 days
  • Purposes that you can indicate: tourism as a part of organized group, business/medical tourism, tourist hunting, traveling by personal car
  • Visa types: single or multiple

You need a tourist invitation so that you can apply to the consulate providing the full set of documents. This paper is issued by the Russian party.

Arrangement of the tourist invitation to Russia for Spanish nationals

Each visa type requires special invitation depending on purposes of a trip. Tourist visa is issued on the basis of a tourist invitation.

In fact, it consists of two documents which are voucher and confirmation. All the formalities lie on a tourist company. Voucher proves that you are using tourist services and the confirmation demonstrate that you have a place to stay in Russia as well as medical and material insurance for the whole period of your trip. The invitation contains information about an applicant, timing, and duration of his/her visit.

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If you need to obtain an invitation quickly so that you can apply for a visa, we recommend the assistance of our specialists. Within hours we’ll send you an invitation in copy or in a form of original (by Express Mail). This document needs to be presented to the consulate as a part of a document package.

Russian private visa for Spanish citizens

You can apply for a visa in order to visit your Russian relatives. That means that you will have to confirm the fact of the alleged relationship while getting an invitation and a visa itself.

Private visa is issued for a period up to 90 days; you can apply and re-apply for it. After coming to Russia foreigner has to follow visa regime that requires registration in the hotel or in local bodies of the MIA.

Arrangement of the private invitation to Russia for Spanish citizens

To obtain this document the receiving party has to apply to the local AFMS authority and provide the following documents:

  • Request for an invitation for a foreign national
  • Passports of both parties
  • Documents confirming the relationship
  • Letter of guarantee showing that a foreigner has a place to stay, medical and material help from the receiving party

In the attachment to the request there should be a detailed description of the route (no more than 5 localities per one visit) and duration of a trip.

Russian business visa for Spanish citizens

Such type of visa gives you an opportunity to make trips to your business partners or to manage permanently business structures in the territory of the RF. This entry permission can be issued in different forms – as one-time, double-time or multiple visa.

The duration of such visa can be up to one year; however, a foreigner can’t stay for more than 3 months in half a year. The registration requirement is active for every business trip; the violation leads to administrative fines, deportation, and following refuse when re-applying for a visa.

Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Spanish nationals in a form of a letter

You can only open a business visa on the ground of Russian invitation. There are different ways of its issuance and one of them is to issue it on Russian organization’s form.

In order to issue such invitations by themselves, Russian companies need to be accredited in the Russian MFA. This system is advisable when developing extensive and constant contacts with foreign partners.

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Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Spanish citizens in the form of the AFMS

By standard procedure, you can issue a business invitation on the official AFMS form. To do it Russian party has to apply to the Migration Service of the MIA and provide usual document package.

The business invitation will be issued on the official form of the AFMS and sent to a foreign partner in the form of a copy or original. When re-applying for a visa or prolonging it, you need to arrange an invitation again.

Arrangement of the business invitation to Russia for Spanish nationals by Telex

Another option is to issue business invitation by using the special diplomatic channel of connection called Telex. In this case, the request will be addressed directly to the appropriate service of the MIA of the Russian Federation.

By using it the receiving party doesn’t need to send the document to the foreigner because it goes exactly to the consulate. Applicant just has to provide the rest of the documents to the consular department in order to obtain a visa.

If you need a business invitation (doesn’t matter which way you decide to follow), apply for a help to our consultants. We guarantee that you get an invitation right on the day of applying; all you need to do is to provide us with Spanish citizen’s passport copy.

Russian work visa for Spanish national

What visa do you need if planning to work in the territory of the RF? In order to legally formalize the employment relationship with a Russian company, you should open a work visa for Spanish nationals.

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This type of visa implies that most of the formalities lie on the employer who plans to hire a foreign employee. The ground for the request to the consulate is a set of two documents – work permission and work invitation.

Work visa can be issued for a period up to one year and prolong by usual rules. When re-applying you have to present new invitation.

Arrangement of the work invitation to Russia for citizens of Spain

The procedure consists of several important stages lying on the receiving party. The usual arrangement implies:

  • Request to the local authorities to include foreign specialists to the quota
  • Notification to local employment agency about hiring an external specialist
  • Registration in the AFMS as an employer/organization hiring foreign specialists
  • Getting a work permit in the Migration Service
  • Request to the AFMS for a work invitation for a citizen of Spain

Only after all this, you can apply for a Russian work visa to the local consular body.

After hiring a foreigner and signing an employment contract with him/her, the company sends the information about recruitment to the AFMS authorities where this company has been registered.

If you need any kind of help or assistance while getting a visa for an external employee, apply to our consultants. We will decide any problem with getting the proper documents, work permission, and others. To get full information fill in the feedback form on our web or call our specialists using the hot line phones.

Russian Consulates in Spain

There are several consular bodies in the territory of Spain (the list is represented below).

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Spain

Address: 155, Velazquez Street, Madrid 28002
Phone number: (8-10-34-91) 562-22-64, 411-08-07.
Fax: (8-10-34-91) 562-97-12.

Consular Department of the Embassy

Address: 33, Joaquín Costa Street, 28002 Madrid).
Phone number: (8-10-34-91) 411-29-57.
Fax: (8-10-34-91) 562-78-30.
Reception hours: From Monday till Friday, 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Barcelona

Address: 34, Pearson Avenue, Barcelona 08034.
Phone number: (8-10-34-93) 280-54-32, 280-02-20.
Fax: (8-10-34-93) 280-55-41.
Reception hours: From Monday till Friday, 10.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.